Care and Support

Here are some of the ways Duncombe pupils help and support each other:

School Council

Every half term a school council meeting is held. This is attended by the head or deputy head, the premises manager, the cook, the leading lunctime supervisor and two representatives from each class from Reception to Year 6. The counsellors from each year group bring to the meeting any suggestions and issues that their class have raised.

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Bully Busters

There are 14 Year 6 children who are peer counsellors. They wear special hats and badges so they can be easily identified in the playground and dinner hall. It is their job to prevent any serious problems occuring in the playground. Children who are interested can fill out an application in September to give to Hayley.


There are several different types of monitor in the school. For example, the stair monitors who ensure children use the correct stairs and do so quietly and safely. There are also playhouse monitors who supervise years 1 and 2 during breaktimes. The playhouse is a special place where the children can go and play with toys that they probably don't have at home. They can also listen to stories and watch films.

Playground Friends

There are 12 playground friends from Year 5 who befriend children who need them such as new arrivals and children who find it difficult to make friends. They wear yellow hats and have been trained to set up games and activities to keep the children occupied. Children who are interested can fill out an application in September to give to Hayley.