Master's Programme at Duncombe

Duncombe Primary School runs a Master's Programme with the University of East London. All teaching staff other than NQTs attend the lectures and, as of September 2016, seventeen members of staff are working towards their MA.

The programme has been designed to enhance the quality of critical thinking and to give the opportunity for staff to research educational theory and practice. The course is taught during the Autumn and Summer terms, for two hours each fortnight. Four modules are studied over two years with a dissertation in the third year.

The Governoring Body of Duncombe School supports the programme, match funding the annual fees. We look upon this as high quality Professional Development and can regularly see the impact of the MA study in our day to day teaching and learning and in the informed level of discussion in staff meetings.

We hold an open invitation to colleagues in Future Zones School to join the MA course run at Duncombe School. It is a rolling programme and therefore possible to join at any time. It is up to the Governing Bodies of new schools joining the programme to decide on their own level of support financial or otherwise for their own students.

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19 December 2016