Aiming High!

It is almost time for Year 6 to move on to their secondary schools, leaving Duncombe for pastures new! In this exciting time of change, Year 6 have been thinking about the future and what they would like to achieve in their lives.

To help them think big and aim high,  Year 6 have been visited by some interesting, inspirational speakers who have spoken to them about their careers and their own life journeys. Just look at this illustrious list of visitors and their exciting careers:

Karen Bell - Crew Manager - London Fire Brigade.

Nishma Robb -  Head of Marketing at Google

Leanne Gelderd - Controller of Finance at Chanel

George Hebditch- Head of Range and Merchandising at Pret a Manger

Lulu Burrough- User experience lead at Sainsbury's

Janti Soeripto - Deputy CEO of Save the Children

Nina Bjornstad - Head of Google in the UK & Ireland

26 June 2015