Well-being Provision

Well-being during lockdown

Our well-being is more important than ever with the Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdown. Taking care of your mind as well as your body is really important while staying at home. You may feel bored, frustrated, lonely and worried. Remember it is OK to feel this way. One way of dealing with this is to stay connected with others. While school is closed, we can still support our children, families and staff to help them feel connected. Talking about your feelings can really help too. Below are some of the ways we can support you while school is closed, but please continue to contact the office should you have any particular worries.

Care calls to children and families

Our staff are making frequent calls to children and families to check in, answer questions and offer or signpost to support where it is needed. Staying connected with you all helps us as well as you! We miss you!

Group zoom well-being conversations and 1:1 calls with our in-house therapist, Vanessa

Creating space to connect, breathe, feel and talk. Contact the school office if you feel you would benefit from these supportive sessions to keep you feeling connected, helping to normalise your feelings and teach you some exercises in self-regulation. More details below:

Parent & Carer Well-being Conversations

CAMHS video message

Click here to listen to a message from Islington's Children Adolesence Mental Health Service to help support our families through the difficulties we are all experienceing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Preparing your child for returning to school

Click on the picture to the right, to watch a 5 minute video with 5 top tips for parents to help preprare your child for returning to school. With the government's gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, more children may be coming back to Duncombe and everyone will have their own thoughts and feelings on this. This video shares ideas to help prepare, should your child be coming back to school after being at home for so long.

Same Sea, Different Boats: Covid-Reintegration Programme

We have been working with our Therapist, Vanessa to support children, families and staff as they begin to reintegrate back into school life after Covid-lockdown. For more information about this and resources to support the concept, please click on the image to the left. 


Mind-up Activities

This website has a range of activities you can do at home to support your mental well-being. With ideas such as how to give yourself brain breaks, what breathing exercises can help to calm you and how to stay positive as a family.

Mind-up website

Controling our emotions

Click o the picture above to watch this video together with your family. It is about how we can all 'flip our lid' when our emotions get too much. Learn about the role your brain can play in helping to control this. What sort of things can cause your emotions to bubble up?

Promoting kindness

Kindness helps others as well as yourself. Try some of these activities about kindness:

Relaxation techniques for children

Save the Children recommend six relaxation techniques to try with children.

Flower and Candle  A simple exercise that encourages deep breathing – a way to relax. Pretend you have a nice smelling flower in one hand and a slow burning candle in the other. Breathe in slowly through your nose as you smell the flower. Breathe out slowly through your nose as you blow out the candle. Repeat a few times.


Flower/Statue  This exercise releases muscle tension. Pretend you are a feather floating through the air for about ten seconds. Suddenly you freeze and transform into a statue. Don’t move! Then slowly relax as you transform back into the floating feather again. Repeat, making sure to finish as a floaty feather in a relaxed state.

Lemon This exercise releases muscle tension. Pretend you have a lemon in your hand. Reach up to the tree and pick a lemon with each hand. Squeeze the lemons hard to get all the juice out – squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Throw the lemons on the floor and relax your hands. Then repeat, until you have enough juice for a glass of lemonade! After your last squeeze and throw, shake out your hands to relax!

Stress Balls  This exercise releases muscle tension and massages your hands. Make your own stress ball(s) by filling balloons with dry lentils or rice. Take the ball(s) in one or both hands and squeeze and release. Experiment with squeezing the ball. Find a way that is right for you, adjusting the speed, pressure, and timing of your squeezes to whatever way you like.

Turtle  This exercise releases muscle tension. Pretend you are a turtle going for a slow, relaxed turtle walk. Oh no, it’s started to rain! Curl up tight under your shell for about ten seconds. The sun’s out again, so come out of your shell and return to your relaxing walk. Repeat a few times, making sure to finish with a walk so that your body is relaxed.

Lazy Cat This exercise releases muscle tension. Pretend you are a lazy cat that just woke up from a lovely long nap. Have a big yawn. And a meow. Now stretch out your arms, legs and back – slowly like a cat – and relax. 


Our message to you

And if you just need cheering up, click on the image below and watch our sing-a-long video with our message to all the children - we miss you!