Ecole Fauberg Saint-Denis is similar to Duncombe in that the children there come from all over the world and speak many different languages.

The language that they learn in is French. School starts at 8.30am and children have lessons (with a short morning break in the middle) until 11.30am. They then have a TWO HOUR lunch break, when some children go home for lunch, and others stay and eat in the school canteen.  Lessons start again at 1.30pm and school finishes at 4.30pm. There are after school activities organised from 4.30pm-6.00pm. These include karate, hip hop dance class, homework club, chess and roller hockey. Parents have to pay for these activities.

During our visit we went into the classes and joined in with Science, Maths, History and French lessons. The children sit in rows, facing the blackboard (there are no interactive whiteboards in French classrooms). We were very impressed by their handwriting!

We also had the chance to visit the Palace of Versailles. Duncombe Bear was amazed at how big it was!

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